reef tiger watch video
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As the most famous Crown series of Reef tiger , it is  used of the sun pattern dial with  grand and elegant appearances. There are three separate rounded design on the dial, which symbolizes the ideal of your career, love and family and can be vigorous. Tourbillon small seconds at 6:00. Personalized time scale, crown-shaped crown design and crown with a unique band, are designed with a special folding clasp, which is  a very innovative and popular men's watches.

As a series of  Tourbillon watch for men, creativity and quality is the eternal theme. Crown artists subvert the general watchmaking tradition, balance wheel system, which is the heart of a tourbillon watch, it was redesigned at the 6 o'clock position, the use of jewelry and stereotyped make the rich art exhibition on the entire watch. Tiger Reef adopt watchmaking craftsmanship and unique design concept, crown your life.