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The fresh new face of glamour the Avakian way

Avakian, the Genevan jewellery house famous for its use of unadulterated colour and sensual movement in its own high jewelry pieces, unveiled its second ladies’ view collection at Cannes 2017. In keeping with the energetic aesthetics and powerful presence of its high jewellery collections, the Lady Concept watch line glows with the light of precious stones and vibrant colors piled on the dials and straps that are interchangeable.
I talked to Haig Avakian, son of founder Edmond Avakian, Regarding the decision to venture to watchmaking. “It responds to this very simple reason that a number of our clients come into the shop asking for watches. They are looking for market products and, after four years at the high jewellery business, the natural question was: why not we make our own jewelry watches that are high?”
One of the primary objectives of this Lady Concept watch collection is for it to be”readily accessorised with the jewellery we sell, such as pieces from the Links and Riviera collections,” says Avakian. The high-voltage allure of this Lady Concept model with blue sapphires and a pearly metallic blue rubber Mosaic strap exemplifies this mix-and-match idea to perfection and could look magnificent alongside some of the voluptuous pavé rings in the Caché collection.

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The brand new lineup of Lady Concept watches by Avakian is a winning union of a manly tonneau-shaped case with an extremely feminine touch of colour and precious stones (CHF 19,000).
Avakian Lady Concept see blue sapphires
A key characteristic of the Lady Concept watches would be the tonneau-shaped circumstance, a smaller version of these men’s Concept One watch collection that was launched a couple years back. The attractiveness of this bejewelled tonnneau-shaped case is the subtle tension between a masculine-style case along with the exceptionally female touch of colour and precious stones. Another notable characteristic of the Lady Concept set is the watch strap, so much in demand today from women who want to change the look and feel of the watch in seconds, without having to invest in a new watch.

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Avakian’s brand new rubber straps are extended a glamorous makeover and feature a pearly mosaic feel, perfect for a sportier look, although the alligator straps endow the watch having a more classic air. “The rubber band, for example, is quite Avakian and upholds our vision that these watches are made to be worn. They aren’t meant to be left sitting in a safe. Since the straps are synonymous, the transition from day to night is effortless,” adds Avakian.
“We aren’t trying to revolutionise the watch industry but have created an Avakian timepiece having a timeless yet modern sense, which will evolve over the years and that our clients can wear with the Avakian collections they have,” clarifies Avakian. It may not be a revolution, but Avakian brings a tempting assortment of jewelry watches to their female clients who need a timepiece with the signature power and character of Avakian’s jewelry.