Ultra-thin quality mechanical watch, do you have the style you like?

Caroline CA1158: Caroline’s single product is very suitable for mature men, the synthetic mirror is very wearable, the dial with embossed technology is perfect, strong mechanical core, in any situation Keep running perfectly. Guanqin bar nail steel band all black mechanical watch: this skeleton watch under Guanqin is very simple in workmanship, but there is no lack of fineness. The excellent movement runs with small errors, and the service life is relatively speaking. For a long time, the most important thing is that the classic black will also match well in daily life.


Siro 51503-2: This single product of the Siro brand is simple and stylish, the powerful inner core will not make people feel burdened, the quartz movement is accurate, high stability, and the stainless steel case has a shiny texture Even if you wear it for a few years, you don’t have to worry about fading. MBK M1007G-P51WYT: MBK’s hand-made products are more popular all over the world, this single product is even more so, the simple style in design is very classic, so the whole watch looks like a person Very atmospheric.

Carnival 5668g: The sales of the Carnival 5668g hand-form is very good in the market. The wear-resistant watch will also give people a long-lasting feeling for a long time. The simple three-pin movement design is perfect. Fasciou F8003: Fasciou F8003 is very good from the appearance design. The exquisite workmanship makes every detail show a sense of exquisiteness. The ultra-high-quality movement is even more accurate and impossible Picky.


MBK M1008G-2-P51LYT: MBK M1008G-2-P51LYT is not only comprehensive and cost-effective, but also the design in many details is extremely perfect, the delicate steel is very comfortable to wear, and the powerful inner core frequency per hour Reached 216000HZ, accurate and in place. Skyline fully automatic mechanical skeleton watch: This product under the Skyline brand is very simple and beautiful in appearance design, especially in line structure and functional layout. The slim design will not appear complicated and bloated.