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Common payment issues

1, you are sell the authentic watches?

     British Reef Tiger Watches Online Shop was the source of all watches Reef Tiger official authorization. Factory direct offers watches, 100% authentic.

2, why Reef Tiger best watches best watches cheaper than market brand?

      Rising star - Reef Tiger best watches to fashion, innovation, accurate re-enter the brand image of the watch market. Our prices to attract consumers attention. Price performance fully demonstrated Reef Tiger best watches cost advantages.

3, payment methods are there?

Way transaction Reef Tiger provided mainly more kinds: Credit telephone banking debit, Paypal, online banking and bank card payment online.


4, inventory Reef Tiger how?

Reef Tiger Mall is specified online sales platforms. Goods are provided directly by the brand manufacturers, need not worry about the lack of merchandise. You can order at any time.

5, Reef Tiger Watches Online Shop choose what courier company?

Reef Tiger mall cooperation courier companies: FedEx ,UPS and so on.


6, online orders, how long you can receive the goods?

In general, under the single payment after 5-12 days receive watches, but because of lower logistics, transportation and other idiopathic cases, the customer fails to timely receipt of the goods, so Reef Tiger Watches Online Shop customer service to members of the receipt of commitments Time is limited to normal circumstances, not as a final commitment. Reef Tiger Watches Online Shop will try to control the delivery time to help express urging, please understand.

7, Reef Tiger Watches Online Shop to provide formal receipt?

(1) Reef Tiger Mall of goods sold are genuine, comes with regular receipts, this unit can be used as a receipt for reimbursement voucher. Confirmed the purchase of goods, need to take the initiative to contact customer service to obtain a receipt, a receipt will be unified within 5-12 working days after the customer received the watch sent.

(2) the amount of the receipt for the customer actually paid the total amount.

(3) a gift of goods without a receipt.

2, should pay attention to matters receipt

(1) the receipt amount can not exceed the amount of orders.

4, receipts content

Receipt contents unified watches.

5, fill receipt Help

(1) Receipt fill open conditions, you did not request a receipt when buying products, within one month of receipt of the product may reapply sent it to us.

(2) Upon receipt of a receipt, if you find that when you place an order filled with Invoice project does not match the content, amount, etc., please contact customer service recognized by the customer service staff to handle your exchange receipts related matters. After confirmation, please return your original receipt, we will give you re-invoice receipt, and ordinary way for you to send.

If so Reef Tiger Mall of reasons mistake, and from costs borne by the Reef Tiger Mart, otherwise at your own risk-related costs, please understand.