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How to choose the right watch

Reef Tiger is in high-end best watch brands. Reef Tiger brand watches and many internationally renowned watch brands to establish a good relationship of cooperation, watches with advanced manufacturing processes . Reef Tiger watch movement and the use of independent research and development designed by internationally renowned brands movement , a stylish, precision and innovation.

How to choose the right Reef Tiger watch ?

How to wear a watch , we must first understand Reef Tiger watch , and watch good choice . In selecting best watches tend to distinguish between their grades , shapes, colors, patterns , functions in five areasProblems.

Grade : Depending wearing crowd , watches can be divided into many different categories. In social situations , are generally based on price to differentiate their grade. According to this standard , watches through Often divided into luxury watches, luxury watches , fashion watches , watches and other low-grade four . In the current market summary , luxury watches price is generally more than $10,000 , luxury watches at $5,000 ~Between $10,000, mid-range watches in $500,00 to $5,000, $200.00 in low-grade watches . When people choose a specific grade watches , we must first do what, do not be powerless Thing. While also taking into account the individual's occupation, to participate in the occasion, Dating and while the choice of clothing and a series of other related factors .

On formal occasions , how appropriate to wear watches.

1, watch shape : the shape of the watch and its price is usually watch quality related . On formal occasions to wear a watch , should be on the modeling aspects solemn , conservative , to avoid the strange, trendy. Men ,Especially with the elderly Venerable long and be extra careful. Modeling alternative, novelty watches, applies only to young men and women . Generally , n- circular, oval , square , rectangle and rhombus watches, because of its shape solemn, conservative , very wide scope , particularly suitable to wear on formal occasions .

2 , watch color : in a watch worn on formal occasions , the color should strictly avoid complicated and messy, often choose color watch , color watch , should not choose more than three colors or three colors of the watch . Not On a monochrome or color watches watches, its color should be clear, noble, elegant . Gold watches , silver watches and black watch , but also to withstand the test of time, not worn in any decade With the era of retrogression .

3 , watch pattern : In addition to brand names , numbers, trademark , name , there is no need to appear on the watch (except special commemorative edition and special brand of family ) has no effect other patterns . Select the make Watches for formal occasions , in particular, need to keep in mind this point. On formal occasions , if the pattern on the watch strange , is not conducive to use , but will recruit people joke.

4 , the watch features: watch the most important function is to - remember when . Therefore, on a watch worn on formal occasions , should be a pointer workers, hop character style or timekeeping style , should have this feature,And to be accurate to hours, minutes , seconds, accurate to better. Just watch the show only when obviously lacks the solemn requirements for formal occasions . Some additional features , such as temperature , humidity, wind Speed , direction, pressure, pace , etc., are optional, but good to inaction . In short , the function of the watch should be concise and to have practical value.

Reef Tiger best watches have many kinds of watches available for your choice. On different occasions to wear the watch on the Reef Tiger Superman show your charm .

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