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Watch care and common sense precautions

Movement maintenance

Chronograph watch is defined instruments should be cleaned regularly maintained to ensure its operation accurate. We recommend that you wear continuously for 2 to 3 years to conduct a test or a full range of cleaning and maintenance, reducing wear and tear of parts, keeping watch accurate and prolong the life of the watch. Mechanical watches are usually serious collision will cause poor accuracy when to go, you need to take apart and wash finishing movement. For professional maintenance services, you can call the customer service center Reef Tiger watch our original accessories and professional technical craftsmen allows you to watch get the ideal conservation.

Watch with care

In order to keep the strap is durable, we recommend that you use note the following:

1 Avoid leather strap long exposure to sunlight, to prevent discoloration.

2 Avoid leather strap watering, to avoid shortening the life.

3. Avoid contact with leather strap acid, alkali and oily substances, leading to strap unglued or surface hardening.

4 metal strap should be adjusted to fit the length, so wear comfortable, reduce belt wear off. You can adjust the strap length to enjoy the free service at Fiyta counters.

5 metal strap should be regularly cleaned off with sweat corrosion may cause loose or broken.

Watch buckle maintenance issues

Watch the way buttoned together with friction locking and spring lock in two ways, using different ways attention clasp way to extend the use of time.

A friction locking clasp wear due to friction or sliding parts, after long-term use clasp buckle force may become loose, loose force should buckle timely maintenance to ensure the safety of the watch to wear.

2 spring lock clasp spring water corrosion will affect its flexibility and longevity. Should try to avoid spring clasp water, you can drop a small amount of low-viscosity oil in the buckle cover on the back of the hole, keep the spring performance and snap comfort.

Special Note

Routine maintenance considerations watch special tips

1, do not use the watch (including water table) in a hot water bath, sauna, or temperature changes greatly environment.

2, do not operate in water buttons and adjust the watch crown.

3, periodically clean the strap, case; case leather strap will prevent moisture, moisture, contact with cosmetics, while avoiding exposure.

4, please note that magnetic watch, avoid prolonged close to electrical appliances, mobile phones and magnets.

5, do not remove the watch under any circumstances.

6, avoid risk of shock or drop the watch wrestling.

7 Do not between 22:00 -2 points to adjust the watch date, to avoid damage and Calendar Jump inaccurate.

8, watches For adjust the time, press the dial clockwise pointer, do not dial counterclockwise (two needle quartz watches except)

When the watch appears not allowed to go how to do?

Quartz watch (electronic form) when the watch speed of 1.5 seconds per day is normal; mechanical watches, the watch when the speed of 20 seconds per day is a normal situation, the premise is the need to wear eight hours a day. Under such circumstances surrounding magnetic field will affect the speed of the table.

When to go any mechanical watch is not 100% accurate, the accuracy of mechanical watches when subjected to external influences go relatively large, for example, the magnetic field energy, gravity, temperature, and activity. Error of more than 20 seconds to go when the phenomenon occurs if the watch plenty of power under the circumstances, we recommend that you send back will Reef Tiger watch repair center detection and correction. Mechanical watches need to do a basic annual maintenance services.

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