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As the tide of time goes by , looking for the meaning of life, Reef tiger has never stopped exploring  best watchmaking professional spirit. Historically, every new product release process, the Reef tiger  continues to use the classic tiger modern interpretation of the spirit of the time. Today, the new launched Artist-Knighthood watch use its gracious and elegant designed with best made automatic movement to continue the classic of time.

The Knight’s Watch is not just fancy words with a cool meaning; it's a way of life. In order to abstract chivalry into a vivid visual symbols, and give the modern knight positive attitude towards life and aristocratic lifestyles to recommend more quality people,Reef tiger Knight series came into being. Reef Tiger designer use yoga balance ideological, to achive Dual calendar, moon phase watch functions on the limited surface of dial to metaphor Knight's ultimate ideal metaphor and glory. Reef tiger,has simple dial design, simple and elegant, low-key and restrained, yet elegant aristocratic character; classic Roman numeral word nail design, and seamless disk minimalist style, with a heavy sense of history, telling the story of the knight Houde, noble quality; pointer sword like the sword knight, proud refers to the sky, the cavalier and dripping qualities do now.